Tips for Fire and Smoke Damage Cleanup in Kokomo IN

Cleaning up and repairing damage after a fire incident are just among the many woes that homeowners will experience. There is boarding up, gathering debris, cleaning, drying up and carpentry work. Or if a professional fire and smoke damage cleanup contractor is hired, there is still the task of looking for and choosing the right contractor. Listing all of these things alone can seem intimidating as it is, but they have to be done so that the home can be brought back to its previous condition.

Boarding up the property after a fire is needed especially when only a small portion of the house has been affected by the fire. In a fire involving an apartment building in Kokomo, for instance, only portions of the roof and walls were damaged in some units. In such cases when a portion of the home is open, a homeowner or tenant should board up the property first so that there is no unauthorized entry and no losses due to theft happen.

Incidentally, boarding up will allow a homeowner to decide whether hiring a fire and smoke damage Kokomo contractor is needed. When it is decided that the work is too big and a contractor is needed, it is not enough for a homeowner to just employ the services of any contractor. It is important to understand the extent of the work that needs to be done so that the home can be successfully brought back to its pre-fire, or an even better, condition.

To board up the property can also give you more time to inspect the damage and think about the repairs and other activities that need to be done. If the fire has been put out by your local fire department, what you would first notice is that your home is probably wet. This might include your sofa, carpets, bed, electrical appliances and other kitchen appliances. You should make sure that your contractor immediately dries up any water accumulation. Their team of professionals should also consider which items can be salvaged. These items should be properly cleaned and dried to avoid mold infestation. Other non-salvageable items on the other hand, should be disposed of properly.

When a portion of the house, like a roof, has been damaged, expect that your contractor will do some carpentry work. Make sure that they will be done up to your local and state building codes for your safety.

Smoke is another thing that you and your contractor should consider. Soot and debris are the damages that will initially catch your attention since they are most visible to the eyes. Smoke comes with debris and soot, so once these two are cleaned up, the smell of smoke can be eradicated. But not all the smell of smoke will be removed from your home after a cleanup. Smoke can seep into fabric, small crevices and even inside cabinets. So your smoke damage Kokomo contractor might utilize ozone generators and other types of air cleaners


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