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Do You Suspect Mold Growth? Here are Tips for Mold Remediation in Frankfort IN

The increasing number of serious mold infestation cases and the new rules and guidelines covering mold issues should be enough for residents to be wary of mold growth. Mold, a type of fungi, usually thrives in places that have high humidity levels. It does not choose a state, county or city. Even residents of Frankfort, Indiana should be cautious about mold growth in their home since the state's climate is described as humid continental and humid subtropical in other parts.

When you suspect a mold growth, don't ignore it. Safely remove the mold growth or have it removed by a professional if you think it is too dangerous. Mold remediation is a task that needs to be done immediately, just like
sewage cleanup or flood cleanup.

The reason why mold growth should be eradicated right away is that it can cause serious health problems. It is also possible that mold may not cause health reactions, but the tricky thing is that there is no way of telling whether a reaction will happen or not after mold exposure.

If any of your family develops light allergic reactions, this may already be a sign of mold growth. Members of your family who have already been diagnosed with respiratory conditions may react to mold first. Allergic reactions to mold may include rashes, itching, burning eyes, asthma attacks and sinus infections.

If you have confirmed a mold growth in your home, seal off the infested area to avoid mold exposure. When you have severe mold growth, you might be advised to evacuate your entire family until a cleanup has been completed. This action can save the rest of your household any more illnesses even if you are unsure they will react in the same way.

Mold can be easy to cleanup with just ordinary cleaning with a disinfectant like bleach. There is an exception to this however; porous surfaces are hard or sometimes impossible to clean. So you must know when to throw away a mold infested object or clean it up. Moreover, it is important that you wear proper cleaning gear when cleaning up a mold growth. This helps avoid breathing air infested with dangerous mold spores or the harmful fumes of whatever disinfectant you use.

A mold remediation will only guarantee that the current mold growth has been eradicated, but it will not guarantee that there will be no more mold growth in the future. So after a cleanup, make sure that mold doesn't grow in your home again. Maintain your home's humidity level between 40% and 60%. Also, ventilate areas of your home where water is constantly used. Toilets, bathrooms or basements should be well ventilated. In addition to this, dry up any accumulated water.

Mold remediation is a task that equals the importance of sewage cleanup, water damage cleanup and flood cleanup. You should not ignore mold growth since it may cause serious allergic reactions. When you think it is unsafe for you to do a mold remediation or if you think you cannot successfully do the task yourself, hiring a certified local mold remediation company can be the best solution.


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