Home Safety Tips: Avoiding Fire and Fire Damage Restoration in Noblesville IN

Fire damage can be very upsetting no matter what amount of damage it leaves. It may help that a homeowner has fire insurance, but any homeowner would still choose not to experience fire at all. Fortunately, accidents that lead to fire at home can be avoided by keeping in mind a few home safety tips. The Noblesville Indiana Fire Department, for instance, has listed a few home safety tips which include kitchen safety, installing fire alarms and having fire extinguishers handy at home.

The kitchen is the most probable place where a fire can start. So when cooking it is best to keep in mind fire safety tips to avoid accidents that can lead to fire damage in Noblesville. Grease build up, for instance, can catch fire so always keep pots, pans and the whole kitchen clean. When frying or cooking anything that has flammable liquids in them, always keep your pan's handle away from you so you don't accidentally spill its contents. Avoid loose-fitting clothes which can catch fire. Lastly, do not overload one electrical outlet with many appliances like microwaves, toasters and coffee makers.

The second safety tip, which is to install fire alarms in your home, can prevent a fire from becoming big and it allows a family to evacuate the home once a fire is unmanageable. Triggered by smoke, the alarm goes off when a fire is still at an early stage. If sprinklers are available, fire alarms can also trigger them to deploy water. When choosing a type of fire alarm, consider quality and the power source. The alarm should be powered by both batteries and electrical current in case either of these power sources fail.
When fire alarms go off, one of usual reactions of homeowners will be to stop the existing fire and this is when a fire extinguisher will come in handy. Controlling and extinguishing fire at the onset can not only prevent damage and restoration but the related expenses as well. When buying portable fire extinguishers, there are three types of fires that you need to know about: Class A fire, which has paper, wood and clothing burning, Class B fire, which is caused by flammable liquids and Class C, which are electrically energized fires. There are types of extinguishers that are specific to any one of these classes of fires, but there is one marked as ABC that can extinguish all types and which can be most handy to have at home.

Having a fire extinguisher at home, however, does not mean you have to try putting out any fire that happens. You must first consider the type or source of fire. If you think that you may not be able to extinguish it or it is imperative you evacuate immediately, do not use the extinguisher. Also make sure that you have an escape route in case you do not successfully put out the fire.

These simple tips can help a homeowner prevent fire or keep fire damage at a minimum. When your home experiences fire damage, wait for your local fire department's approval before you re-enter the affected premises. Then, you may do an assessment of the damage or contact your fire damage Noblesville insurance provider. After this, you may then consider a local fire damage restoration company if any restoration work is needed.


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